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Related Companies

Related Companies is a privately owned real estate firm in New York City, with offices and major developments in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, Abu Dhabi, London, São Paulo and Shanghai, and 3,000 professionals. Related is the largest owner of luxury residential rental properties in New York with over 7,000 units, and has developed mixed-use projects such as Time Warner Center in New York City, as well as CityPlace in West Palm Beach.


Established in 2002, the company focuses on exclusive residential projects and income-producing properties. The company is active in New York where it owns the New York Times Building, the “Clock Tower” and the APTHORP exclusive residential building. It is also active in Miami and other cities. Assets in Israel: The company owns hundreds of thousands of square meters of income-producing properties, commercial centers, science and industrial parks and office buildings.

LAM Group

Lam Group is one of the most prominent real estate investment conglomerates in New York City that specializes in the development of commercial, residential, retail, hospitality and mixed-use properties predominantly in New York City and across the United States.

Fane Organization

The Fane Organization is a family-run business specializing in real estate management and development.    It's properties are located in New York City, Ithaca New York, Toronto Canada, and Arizona, while this dynamic organization continues its efforts in actively building and expanding its portfolio.   The Fane Organization is motivated by long-term commitment, integrity and solid values.   They bring reliability, style, sound economics and vision for the future to their projects.

Clal US

Clal US Inc. owns, operates, and manages residential and commercial real estate properties. It engages in real estate equity investment, joint venture equity investment, and debt/equity financing of real estate assets in New York City and other North American real estate markets. The company is headquartered in New York, New York. Clal US Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd.


Danya Cebus Construction

A subsidiary of Danya Cebus LTD Israel, a public construction company based in Israel. The company was founded in the United States in order to develop additional growth engines by leveraging knowledge and reputation of the parent company in Israel. The company began operations in New York in May 2013.


LIVWRK is a principal based real estate company concentrated on mixed use urban development. We practice handcrafted development meticulously planning every element of the design & engineering process - from the inception of a project to its completion.

HAP Investment Developers 

The firm is keenly focused on identifying and investing in projects strategically situated in emerging and prime markets in the New York metropolitan area. Founded in 1998 by partners Eran Polack, Amir Hasid and Nir Amsel, HAP Investments has successfully acquired, designed and developed a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial real estate that is renowned for its location, proximity to mass transit, and innovative, high-quality construction and design. Its U.S. portfolio is currently comprised of 11 residential projects totaling more 1.8 million square feet in various stages of development, completion and operation.

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